QR code-based payment acceptance app for SMEs launches

QR code-based payment acceptance app for SMEs launches

A new QR-code payment and invoicing app, called tomato pay, has launched in the UK, targeting small businesses and sole traders.

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QR Code Marketing Strategy (The Ultimate Guide)

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In this video I’m going to share with you everything you ever wanted to know about QR Code marketing. I’m going to tell you what a QR code is, why QR codes are important to your business, and most importantly, how you can use QR codes to grow your business no matter what kind of business you have from retail and e-commerce all the way through to advertising. So, let me show you how it’s done.

First, the technical definition. A QR code which is an abbreviation of Quick Response code and it’s a type of barcode with a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item that it’s placed on.

A QR code is usually made up of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, and it can then be read by an imaging device like your phone’s camera, and the image can be appropriately interpreted, and the required data then extracted from the patterns that are present in both the horizontal and vertical components of the QR Code.

But basically it’s a fancy, and far more powerful barcode you can scan with a camera to get a whole lot of valuable information quickly, easily, and also quite environmentally friendly.
Thanks to these features, QR codes have been steadily growing in popularity. They’re already very common and popular in countries in Asia and Europe but we’ve also seen consistent growth in their usage in North America year after year as well.

In North America, the most common placement for QR codes are on printed media like magazines and newspapers and product packaging. But they can also be seen on websites, posters, business cards, storefronts, and TVs.

QR codes are most commonly used to provide more information, but they also are commonly seen giving event information, presenting special offers, and redirecting people to an app download.
The important takeaway points here though are that QR codes are fast, easy, and an incredibly effective way to quickly deliver information to your clients and customers in a helpful and non-intrusive way.

So let me show you how it’s done.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – What is a QR Code?
2:33 – What’s The Difference between Dynamic QR Codes and Static QR Codes?
3:29 – How to create a QR Code that links back to your website
6:33 – QR Codes in Packaging
7:07 – QR Codes in Retail Stores
8:03 – QR Codes in E-Commerce
9:03 – QR Codes in Advertising
9:56 – QR Code Strategic Placement
10:40 – Adding Call to Actions to QR Codes
11:22 – QR Code Marketing Mistake #1: Sending people to non-mobile-friendly destinations
11:59 – QR Code Marketing Mistake #2: Repetitive call to actions
12:22 – QR Code Marketing Mistake #3: Undervaluing your audience
12:37 – QR Code Marketing Mistake #4: Bad contrast
13:06 – What’s Next?

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Adding Review QR code to Square Payment Recite

How to Collect Payments With QR Codes

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 QR Code payments
00:56 Scan in Camera App
01:28 Set up QR Codes
01:45 Statistic Code: Doesn’t Change
01:59 Dynamic Code: Different code for each transaction
02:12 QR Code Advantages
02:40 Data is encrypted
02:49 QR Codes are reliable
03:33 Recap
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