Has Open Banking changed anything 15 months on?

Has Open Banking changed anything 15 months on?

13th January 2019 marked one year since the UK embarked on its Open Banking experiment. Despite the inevitable teething problems, the initial signs are encouraging, as banks up their game in the face of strong competition from innovative third party products and services.

The Impact of Open Banking on the Lending Industry

Open banking and open APIs has transformed the banking industry and continues to make waves throughout a range of financial services and beyond. From levelling out the playing field and open data sharing, to the acceleration of platform economies and value-added services, open banking has truly turned a traditional industry on its head.

How can lenders capitalise on these opportunities? Who will own the customer relationship and win in this new environment? Hear from RBS, RateSetter, Atom Bank and more as they explore the impacts of open banking on the world of lending. #lending18 #MoneyLIVE

Hear about the impact of open banking from :
– Ian Roberts, Chief Credit Officer, RBS
– Maria Harris, Director of Mortgages, Atom Bank
– Rhydian Lewis, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, RateSetter
– Trevor Williams, Former Chief Economist, Lloyds Banking Group
– Yosef Kaplan, VP of Sales, Bee Eye
– Richard Carter, Managing Director, Equiniti Credit Services
– Michael Nicholls, Relationship Director, London Institute of Banking & Finance
– Christopher Soule, Director of Business Development, nCino

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How Open Banking is changing banking for the better!

I’m going to show you how #openbanking and the new #psd2 directive in Europe is going to change the way we do banking. With open banking, we’ll have instant access to our accounts, new financial services and more choice in where we bank. So what is open banking? What are the benefits of open banking? And what does it mean for the future of banking? The future of banking is open. I’m going to show you how open banking and the new PSD2 directive in Europe is going to change the way we do banking. With open banking, we’ll have instant access to our accounts, new financial services and more choice in where we bank. So what is open banking? What are the benefits of open banking? And what does it mean for the future of banking?

00:00 Introduction
00:35 What is Open Banking?
02:37 Who will benefit from Open Banking?
03:58 How will this all put in place?
04:45 What are today most dynamic Open Banking markets?
06:15 Other benefits!
07:30 What will the role of regulators be?
08:17 Open Banking potential
08:45 Bonus Fact
09:13 Conclusion

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